A Study About Internet Marketing

Naveen E


Internet marketing is becoming a hot topic in every business sector, and gradually plays a truly important role in any company’s multichannel marketing strategy. However, how to apply Internet marketing especially how to utilize it to attract more visitors to a certain website is still a big question for a number of advertisers. The thesis mainly covers the acquisition process of Internet marketing after touching upon the basic knowledge of Internet marketing, how the Internet adapts to the marketing mix, as well as companies’ and consumers’ perspectives in pursuing Internet marketing. The two main purposes of this study are to bring a general picture of Internet marketing to its readers and dig into how to drive traffic or attract customers to the Flashgame4fun.com website. The information in the theory part is acquired through many textbooks, articles and websites by using qualitative research method, meanwhile quantitative method is used to collect all important data supporting the case study analysis.


Computer Science; ASDF Journals; ASDF; ASDF International; eManagement

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